Finishing the Semester

Here’s some final notes as we finish up:

  • I’ve marked the careers presentation as excused – we have run out of time for this
  • I’ve changed all grades to zero for work that is not yet turned in. It’s not too late to turn these in if you have completed them
  • I have study guides for the final exam – please use this to prepare for the objective final. You can take that test any time you are ready
  • I’ve graded the daily goals. Please let me know if you’ve gone back and done more
  • I’m offering a special deal on the unit 4 test. If you are unhappy with the grade you made on it then I’ll let you re-take it ONLY if you make an 85 or better on the final exam

Finishing a project requires all of these steps:

  • show me a rough cut
  • get my feedback
  • finish it
  • follow all of the tutorials in Unit 15 (now called 14 in the website)
  • create a project reflection
  • create a short presentation
  • present the project to the class

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