38 Winning Photographs at Shutter Sense!

Congratulations to the following students for getting into the gallery for the Shutter Sense and Nonsense photography competition! All of this work is on display now at the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center, and is open to the public until March 9th. There is an admission fee for the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center. There will be no fee on the day of the award ceremony (March 9th at 1:00).

Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center
2020 Clean Water Drive
Buford, GA 30519

1st place: John Mendoza “Swag”
2nd place: Martha Guerra “Crystal Clear”
2nd place: Chase Matheson “Octane”
3rd place: Nia Gray “Mimi at Midnight”

Honorable Mentions

  • Ale Rebolleto “The Simple Things in Life”
  • Treybian Cooper “Distant Memories”
  • Treybian Cooper “Reflections”
  • Hillary LeFrere Jr “Shred”
  • Irais Nicolas “Innocence”
  • Christina Fuller “Peppermint Larry”
  • Christina Fuller “We Have a Visitor”
  • Christina Fuller “Bubble Fat”
  • Kevin Diaz “Bang”
  • Chase Matheson “Pesky Penguins”
  • Ali Ross “A Garden Beneath Which Rivers Flow”
  • Katelyn Humphries “Bubbles”

In The Gallery (but no specific award)

  • Stacie Rouse “Patriotic in All the Right Places”
  • Jaunte Bigham “Clocked”
  • Jaunte Bigham “Tattoo Parlor”
  • Ale Rebolleto “The Opposite of a Grown-up”
  • Jorge Pineda “The Real World”
  • Nia Gray “The Prowlers”
  • Nia Gray “Last Two”
  • Bryant Barreto “Lumos”
  • Bryant Barreto “Evol”
  • Tayllor McGinty “To Bottle Figments of the Earth”
  • John Mendoza “Dog’s Eye View”
  • Martha Guerra “Moment in Time”
  • Matthew Orozco “Calypso”
  • Matthew Orozco “Mother’s First Child”
  • Katelyn Humphries “Reflection”
  • Martin Negron “Skate”
  • Joshua Smith “Bird”
  • Karina Olvera “Underdog”
  • Francisco Dosal “All in a Day’s Work”
  • Martin Negron “5 Cars”
  • Martin Negron “Crayola Cars”
  • Chris Dillard “Purple Berries”
  • Jamel Quander “Lonely Saint”
  • Ashley Anderson “I’m Fine”

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