Mentor Student Connect at SCAD

These is a Saturday event on Feb. 16th in downtown Atlanta for students who want to meet professionals in the digital media world. The event consists of panels with 2 (45 Min) sessions each: both in morning followed by lunch. Each panel consists of 3-4 professionals who are involved in a specific discipline: like original content, social media, branding & promoting for the screen, creative studios, etc. Each panel has a moderator. The sessions are 45 min. Each panelist gives a 7- 10 min presentation/ talk. The panelists talk about their career path & show sample work then it is opened to Q & A from students.

At 11:45 am there is a mentoring lunch where the mentors sit at table with students and attendees. The mentors switch tables every 20 minutes so that students can have a more one on one conversation with them. Students come from several schools in the regions- media studies are the common denominator.  The panels start at 10:00 am. This event is free for student members (annual membership is $20). Student non-members pay $5.

More info and to register:


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