How to do Video Project

Sorry, folks, but most of the instructions in the website for the video project are now out of date. We switched to new video editing software for this school year, but the website still has instructions for the old software. The project is the same, but we’re not using Pinnacle Studio any more. Instead please use Windows Movie Maker. Most people find it pretty easy to use. Please ask if you need help with it.

The assignment is still the same:

  1. find the video files for your class (Shared/Student Work/Assignments/Digital Media/Souvorin/Video Files for Movie Project/Your Period)
  2. copy these files to your home folder (Your Name Digital Media/Your Name Video Project)
  3. launch Windows Movie Maker
  4. Import all the files for your class (from your home folder, not my teacher folder)
  5. Edit the video

Project requirements:

  • trim each clip down to only what is essential
  • the more you trim the better
  • you can trim a clip multiple times–just import it again and trim to a different part
  • put the trimmed clips in a logical order
  • the clips should flow together, should seem natural side by side
  • transitions and effects are optional
  • you can edit this in any way you want
  • aim for 30 seconds to 2 minutes for your final video length
  • music is required (Video Project / Stage 7: Add Music)
  • please put a title at the beginning and credits at the end
  • don’t forget the copyright notice: “This project uses production music from a library licensed to Phoenix High School”

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