Advisement and Digital Media

This week is advisement, where you will meet with your third period teacher to register for classes for 2nd mini. If you’d like to take more digital media classes then there are many options. Just tell your advisor that you’d like to register for “Digital Media Studio” with me, Mr. Souvorin. On the first day of class next mini I’ll sort everyone out into which class they will actually be in. Here are all the digital media courses:

  • 2D Animation (2DA): four semesters learning more advanced Flash
  • 3D Environments / Animation (3DE and 3DA): four semesters learning advanced 3D design using Bryce or 3D Studio
  • Video Production (VID): 6 semesters of movie making
  • Photography: 4 semesters of advanced imaging. Sign up for “Imaging Techniques” with Ms. Raffalovich. I do not teach photography after the intro class, so there are no photography courses in digial media studio.

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