Souvorin Sub Notes

Hi guys. As you all know I won’t be there on Wednesday or Thursday. Please remember all of the following.

  • everyone should work on digital media for the entire class period
  • do not leave the room without permission
  • no cameras can be checked out
  • Adobe Acrobat is now working! That means that everyone can go ahead and grade themselves for any projects they’ve already finished. On the website go to “finish and grade” and then download the “work record” to give yourself a grade. Advanced students know how to do this, so please ask for help from an advanced student if this is confusing.
  • please update your status every day
  • the website has all of the directions you need for every project. If you get completely stuck then switch to a different project
  • All of the hard drives are in the right place
  • Adrien Edouard and Kenny Walker both need to shoot video during class. Please let them into the studio across the hall. They are responsible for turning off all lights and locking the door. If they are not shooting video then please mark them absent for the day.